Popular handmade stitches

Running Stitch

Running stitch is a simple embroidery stitch that is good for making dashed outlines and adding details to your embroidery. It's also the basis for Japanese sashiko embroidery.

Back Stitch

The back stitch is a thin-line stitch commonly used in outlining a design before filling with satin stitch and a base of many composite stitches.

Stem stitch

The Stem stitch makes a rope-like line. How heavy the rope depends on the thread you use.

Must-know embroidery stitches

French knots

It has so many application possibilities. It can be a tiny flower on its own, or pistils, just a “dot” element or a tool for dimensional filling.

Back Stitch

Another simple stitch that is very useful (one of my favorites), is the back stitch. Back stitches give you a clean way to make outlines and designs.

French Knot Stitch

French knots are often used individually, but when stitched close together they create a wonderful, nubby texture. Once you’ve mastered this stitch, filling in an area goes pretty quickly.

Useful handmade embroidery tips

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